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Assemble Computers

When it comes to purchasing new desktop computers for your home or office, the first question you get in your mind is whether to buy branded computers or to get assembled desktop computers. While there are good many reasons to buy branded computers, there are also good reasons to why you should opt for assembled ones. This article might help you understand the advantages and disadvantages on both sides so as to make your decision making easy. We will provide a very good assemble computers.


All Branded Computers

While it is normal for anyone to opt for branded computers, you should also understand that only the external case and a few parts such as CPU are the ones that come from the company. Various other components are manufactured by different companies. In conclusion, there isn't much difference between the branded ones and the assembled computers. Just tell us your needs and we will do the job for you at competitive rates. Since every manufacture provides guarantee for their products, you can enjoy the warranty of your assembled systems as if a branded one.


All Branded Laptops

The branded laptops come as a pre-assembled product saving you much time energy. Today most of them come in various standard configurations that you may pick from and even with pre-loaded operating systems. You just need to plug-in and start working. The greatest advantage is that the company that provide you the computer will take up the responsibility of any defects or problems that you come across during the warranty period. We also deal with all branded desktop computers and laptops making it convenient for your choose between a variety of brands available in the market under a single roof.


Peripherals and Accessories

Since we deal with a number of computer spares manufacturers, we also offer computer peripherals and computer accessories required for your desktop computers and laptops at competitive prices. When it comes to computer peripherals and computer accessories, we are one of the most trusted venders in Chennai. Buy genuine computer spares from us and join the list of elite clients that regularly procure their computer spares from us.

Computer Sales

We provide high quality repairs with certificated parts at affordable prices. We can promise your PC stable, 100% functioning system after our repair service without losing your data.

We provide FREE quotes to repair your machine. It is company policy that we will always quote you first before we repair the machine. We will look at the specifications of the machine prior to repairing it and advise if it is more cost-effective to yourself to replace the machine. Our technicians will offer you the best level of customer service.

Whatever computer problem you need fixed, we can help! Our work is 100% guaranteed and we offer the longest warranty of any computer repair service company around Chennai to ensure that you are safe from any reoccurring problem.

Laptop Sales

Vsystem were trying to be the best in Laptop Service in Chennai with all levels of services. We provide services for all kinds of brands. We were providing chip level services for all brand laptop motherboards and even panel painting for you and your beloved Laptops.

We provide high level certified parts for your laptops with an affordable price. We promise you a 100% satisfactory level without losing your Valuable data’s and documents in your Laptop.

We have professionally trained technicians who have good knowledge in all ranges of laptops. SS Computers techs are capable to do component level services by checking all kinds of electronic components in you and your laptop.

Our Other Services
  • Hardware Repair & Upgrades

    Hardware issues usually require full diagnostics to identify and repair. We will scan your computer's hardware piece by piece until the problem is located.

  • Computer Maintenance

    Maintaining a computer involves three things: keeping it physically clean, protecting it from malware, and backing up important files.

  • Desktop AMC

    Vsystem is an affordable and reliable Computer & Laptop AMC provider in Chennai. The maintenance contract service is designed for business.

  • All Data Recovery

    Data on a hard drive can be unreadable due to damage to the partition table or filesystem, or to (intermittent) media errors.